Zuurstof meten in bloed op celniveau

Interface design for Photonics Healthcare


Eenvoud in acute situaties

User friendly interface design


Photonics Healthcare

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Photonics Healthcare enables doctors to monitor cellular oxygen.


Doctors often need to know the availability of oxygen or the energy use in the tissue cells of their patients. When oxygen supply is in danger, when tissue function is in question or when metabolism might be affected, the situation in the cells matters.


The COMET Monitor measures cellular oxygen metabolism i.e., availability and consumption, in absolute units (e.g., mmHg). Non-invasively at the bedside.


Anesthesiologist Dr. Bert Mik developed a way to measure oxygen availability and consumption where oxygen is needed: in the tissue cells (rather than in the blood).


The COMET system measures cellular oxygen metabolism in the active mitochondria of skin cells. Non-invasively at the bedside. Skin is an early warning sensor, so physicians get time to act. Preclinical results suggest this will improve outcomes and reduce treatment costs for at least one very frequent medical procedure. We are preparing clinical trials.

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