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UX design process in High-Tech and manufacturing


1. Interview with users to understand onboarding issues

2. Identify areas with biggest problems

3. Making a concept (wireframes) to solve these

4. Test the concept with the same users

5. Create a final design

Deliverables: wireframes, UX specs on interaction and a detailed design.



Modern graphic user interfaces in view of the users. Because user productivity is maximum when a full functioning graphic upper layer (user interface) reflects an invisible bottom layer (software operating system).

Making sense of digital information, organized choices. User interface (UI) design is
a process of making interfaces in software or computerized devices with focus on looks
and style.


More specifically Zuidzeven are specialists in human factors engineering, usability engineering and interface design. We have deeper knowledge than typical UX/UI practitioners, because we have hands on experience working within industry standards frameworks for usability. For example, ISO/IEC 62366 for Medical devices. Meaning our design engagements typically concerns designing professional interfaces in specialized industries, rather than most UI/UX teams that focus on web and app design or product design.


Zuidzeven undertakes both moderated and un-moderated user research. Afterwhich the obtained user knowledge is applied, we engineer design techniques to create a new demo. The newly designed interface is then evaluated using test subjects. If required, we will refine the design and iterate to meet usability objectives. Our UX workshops do
a great job of assuring a product is easy to use and sticky. The interface integrate high tech making it possible to minimize operator’s workload, providing support in decision making and maximizing operator’s capacity to fulfill the mission.


Zuidzeven has a flexible project methodology consisting of interchangeable modules
so you can select what you need to fill the gaps within your project.



We often work in the high tech sector. From mechanical engineering production to medical devices. GUI design is a combination of design and technology. Designing user-friendly controls within the technical limits. Expertise in human behavior.


Advanced Human- Machine Interface (HMI) systems: technologies and tools regarding human and machine interactions.




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